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Hola! Experienced & Certified teacher from Colombia here. My name is Iván.

But wait - there’s much more to me.


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First and foremost, I love everything related to music and podcasting. In fact, I also work in the podcasting industry (including DUOLINGO Podcast 🎧). Next up on the happiness scale are animals and nature. Oh, and don’t forget the food! I am a “food junkie,” a vegetarian one 😉.

My superpower is to understand what makes you tick and to design the course around topics that make you happy. I will design a program around your interests and help you learn Spanish the fun way–from the traditional and necessary “yo me llamo” to dissecting memes before you know it. Talk to me about whatever you want: politics, sports, conspiracy theories, anything! Fun times are guaranteed.

But it’s about so much more than having a good laugh. We are working towards a serious goal here: you speaking Spanish. So, bring an open mind and a healthy dose of commitment.





I have more than thirteen years of teaching experience. I work with a personalized plan according to the interests and needs of my students. The methodology is focused on listening and speaking. I create original study material that includes word banks to build vocabulary, original games to help you learn grammar, and more. During the classes, we talk a lot, and you will have activities to do at home😅. It is a personalized, fun, flexible, and challenging experience.


If you are committed, you will learn very quickly because I am highly committed to my students. My goal is to help them to speak a good Spanish fast. At the same time, we have fun, and we learn and talk about many different topics :)

I’ll be waiting for you. ¡Hasta la vista, baby!

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Bachelor's Degree in Education

Emphasis in arts education

I studied all around education like: Methodologies, curriculum design, evaluation, psychology, teaching & technology, among many more subjects. I was awarded honors for my thesis; yes, I enjoy getting deep dives in the education field 🤓.

Courses & More

ICTs in education, Effective Communication, Effective Listening, Storytelling, Writing and more. I apply everything I learn to my classes.


  • Spanish

  • English

  • French (in progress😅)

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