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game-changing tools to learn to speak Spanish!

Whatever happens, it will be cool to meet you! Let's chat!

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Really, you can learn to speak Spanish while you have fun! But hey, it's about commitment too. Our goal is you speaking Spanish and dissecting memes like a pro. How? a lot of things! but for sure: Speaking Spanish since the first class


          & also...


Natural conversations lead to a natural fluently speaking. So, let's talk about whatever we want. The world is full of a fantastic staff, say no more to boring talks.


Reading is one of the primary keys to learning a new language. So, from mysterious horoscopes to beautiful literature, we'll level up our Spanish skills every week through reading aloud. And a piece of great news:  Spanish pronunciation is easy-peasy


Whether it's a Podcast with an amazing story, a Netflix series, or a catchy song. Your listening is going to fly high as you are having fun 🎵


How is your handwritten? Mine is terrible! Anyway, To see yourself  writing well-written ideas in another language is pretty satisfactory.

A big challenge? Oh yes, but we will overcome it step by step, even better: giant step by giant step!


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to know each person who has chosen me to learn or improve their Spanish language skills. Here are some of their opinions about it.

"Iván is an amazing teacher. He makes the lessons fun and exciting. Moreover, he adapts the lessons to my needs and interests so that I have the best learning experience. I would recommend taking his lessons to anyone wanting to learn spanish and have fun at the same time"

Willemijn, The Netherlands 🇳🇱



Hit me any question or comment you have. I will answer you before you can say Blueberry pie

Or just reach me:

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