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Online Private (one-on-one) lessons


6 hours*

$ 180

€ 170


12 hours*

$ 300

€ 280

LearnAmigo Pack 

22 hours*

$ 430

€ 420

It's up to you! Whatever you choose, I will be delighted to know you, and we'll maximize every minute working toward your goals.

What you get?

- Tailor-made learning pathway

- Flexible timetables

- Original & personalized study material

- E
ffective and enjoyable classes

- An experienced & certified teacher who is passionate about education and fully committed with your Spanish language goals

 *Please read: 
- Lessons can be scheduled up to 15 days before the lesson day.
- Lessons have to be scheduled at least once a week.
- Lessons length: 60 minutes. 

- If you can't attend, you can reschedule at least 24 hours before the lesson takes place.
- Rescheduled lessons should occur within the same week the lesson was canceled. 
- If a lesson is not rescheduled within the prior process, the time scheduled initially will be withdrawn from your package.

- Once the purchase is made, there is no refund, but the process can be paused for up to 30 days without time withdrawn.
-The total of purchased hours should be used freely following this:
Amigo pack: within two months from the day of purchase. 
Alegre pack: within four months from the day of purchase. 
LearnAmigo pack: within eight months from the day of purchase.

All of the above will help our consistency during the learning process. That's key to achieving our goals and improve faster our Spanish level 💪 🤓



Hit me with any question or comment you have. I will answer you before you can say Blueberry pie

Or just reach me:

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